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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Two extremes: Yesterday=crap; Today=marvelous!

Yesterday was a completely atrocious day! Justin and I woke up at 6 am to bus into the city and wait in line with the masses at the immigration office to register with the Garda. We Shivered in line for 2 hours before we got to the front to be given tickets, numbers 261 & 262. We were told to come back arount 1pm. Not wanting to go far, we found a nice spot to have breakfast and warm up (which, come to think of it, was actually the one bright point in the day!) we wandered back to the office to see what number they were on... still very low. More wandering around... more checking to see the number... this went on, with our patience wearing thin, for hours. In the midst of this, we stumbled upon the big student protest in the streets. Everyone's talking about recession here and so Trinity is going to start having the students pay to go to college (EU citizens as non-EU nationals pay hefty fees already). That's right. If you're a citizen of the EU you can go to University for free. So all these students are whining about having to pay 800 euro a YEAR. Cry me a river! Finally at 4pm we were getting close to our numbers. Ended up getting out of the smelly place at 5pm. Both of us very tired and grumpy. Over 10 hours and 300 euro. Thankfully, Justin made dinner when we got home, finished off a bottle of wine... and things were starting to look a bit better :-)
I didn't mention that after registration with the garda we stopped off at the lab, Justin to do some grading, and I, to apply for more jobs. I applied for a job as a marketing executive for an international company called Automsoft that is less than half a mile from where we live. Low and behold, this morning I get a call asking if I'm available for an interview next week! The job pays well, and would set us up rather nicely! Say a little prayer that this works out for me! On top of that, our internet was delivered today. We don't have a desktop computer yet, but will use Justin's laptop for the time being.

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