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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Five Months!

Liam, 5 months!

Today my baby boy is 5 months old! The past month Liam’s personality has really started to emerge. I think he’s a lot like his mama in this department – very friendly and ready with a smile; but there is no denying that he looks just like his daddy! That nose! Those eyes! Not to mention the size of him; he is such a chunk and so tall! He is getting really heavy and I definitely can no longer cradle hold him with one arm. Teething is on in full force (still!) I can still see the little buggers under his gums – just bust through already, I say! Let’s get this show on the road!

Also this month Liam had his second travel adventure, this time to Paris to visit his daddy.  Though he was generally good on both flights, it was really exhausting for me! (See this post for more on our trip).
Here’s what the little lion is up to this month:
  • A week ago he weighed 16 lbs 12 oz., jumping into a new percentile curve – around the 70th. Not sure how tall/long he is.
  • Wearing mostly 6-9 month clothing now. A few 3-6 things still, but also a few 9-12.
  • Now rolling over from tummy to back with ease. Though he seems to be over rolling from tummy to back now!
  • Sleep is pretty unpredictable. Some nights he only wakes once, and others as many as 5 times! The good news is that on some occasions he can sooth himself back to sleep without me going in.
  • Still being breastfed, but have added rice cereal in the evening (right after he turned 4 months) and just recently pears in the morning. He LOVES food! He grabs the spoon to try to feed himself and is so smiley for the whole process. I think we might try apple next. (I puréed the pears myself and intend to make his other foods, too. It’s so easy!)
  • He’s been saying “mamamamama” for a couple of weeks now! If only he knew he was saying my name!! Regardless, I love it!  
  • Grabs for whatever I have: coffee cup, remote (his favourite! Typical man, right?), food, phone... etc.
Favorites from month 5!

Our little family in Paris

Liam loves jardin du Luxenbourg!

A coffee break at Starbucks for some mom lovin's

Good buddies with auntie Kara

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meet Me Under the Eiffel Tower

We had a wonderful weekend with hubs/daddy last weekend, despite the challenges of traveling alone with an almost 17 lb baby. We soaked up our long weekend and also managed to take in some of Paris' great sights and attractions.

A few tidbits from our holiday...

  • Liam did great while we were in transit, but keeping him happy was challenging. Another set of hands would have been very helpful!
  • Seeing hubs at the arrivals gate made my heart skip a beat and a lump form in my throat. It was so good to be back in his arms. 
  • We were a bit too ambitious on Saturday, and paid for it with a fussy baby. Note to self and other sightseeing families with small ones: GO SLOW! It's way too frustrating trying to fit too much in a day. In the end, everyone is grumpy! 
  • We learned from our mistake on Saturday and had no agenda for Sunday, making for a happier time.
  • Hubs bought Liam a genuine French Sophie the Giraffe and she was totally a hit! Unfortunately she got dumped from the buggy to be lost forever. I think I was more sad about it than little L! 
  • Leaving hubs on Monday was hard, as it always is to say goodbye. We parted and I didn't look back. Later J asked me why, saying he was sad that I didn't. I told him I would have lost it if I did, and I couldn't bear it knowing that I still have a long day of travel ahead.
  • Wouldn't you know they picked me to get patted down at security... meanwhile L is screaming. I was livid! I couldn't keep the tears back at this point. I struggled with my things (no help from the security staff) and carried on to my gate, looking like a hot mess, I'm sure.
So that's it in a nutshell. The pictures do the trip more justice than my hodgepodge bullet points. See for yourself!

Friday, September 3, 2010

I Must Miss Him...

Yesterday was a brilliantly sunny day in Dublin and I found myself alone in the city wandering around. (Thanks for watching Liam, Steph!) I didn't quite know what to do with myself without a baby to tend to... my thoughts wandered mostly to my dear husband and at that moment I remembered all the fun we've had in this [great?] city... every landmark has a memory attached; so as I meandered around I found myself smiling as I thought about past adventures and lazy days in the park. I miss him.
On my first trip to Ireland in 2006! Photo taken at a bar in Dublin