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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Feeling Settled

I had a couple of rough days this week. Missing my friends and of course the family. It's so hard not to call my girls, whether it be to chatter mindlessly, or vent about whatever life's dramas bring on a particular day. I have moments when I'm just plain lonely. I expected that though, and work through the moments by reading or taking a walk... usually they pass and give way to something to look forward to.
Thursday evening was a really great night with my friend, Ciara (Currently my only girlfriend in Dublin). We had an old fashioned girls' night of shopping (I caved and bought 1 thing, on sale of course!) And then went out to a yummy dinner at Wagamamas by St. Stephen's Green. It was very much needed, and cheered me right up!
This Monday I'll be taking a trip to Belfast with our friend Kieran's mom, Neasa. We're going to Ikea :) I've already gone to the website and know exactly what I'll be looking for for the flat! It will be great fun, and I'm really looking forward to getting to know Neasa a bit better, she's a really lovely person.
Earlier in the week I went into the PPS office to apply for a PPS number (similar to a US social security number). I'm actually, as a non-EU citizen, not supposed to be able to get one, but heard from a few people that they sometimes give them out anyway. Sure enough, the woman helping me filled out the paperwork and my number should be in the mail! This should make it a bit easier to get a job!
Today, frustrated with my hair, I went to get my hair cut again (always a sure way to lift the spirits!) Turned out very cute and trendy!! Lots of layers, sweeping bangs, and still a bit longer in the front! Got the seal of approval from Justin too!
I'll do my best to update the blog every few days, as I just realized I actually have a few readers! What fun! Off to wander around Grafton Street and maybe feed the ducks in the park...

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Mamamary said...

Oh, Meggie...don't worry, you'll make lots of friends. :)