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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Part of the System

I've got two and half weeks under my belt now at Automsoft and am starting to feel like I belong. The people I work with are very kind, and honest too.. They do not hesitate to tell me how 'American' I am, whenever I say or do something that is, shall we say, an American stereotype. Mostly they are in awe over what a bubbly person I am. Always commenting on how I tell people to 'have a great day' or spin things in a positive way. It's really quite funny! The differences become so much more evident between the cultures when you're the odd one out. My boss was shocked when I told him that I love my in-laws. He thinks Americans throw the word 'love' around too much. He asked too, if I call my mother-in-law 'mom,' which I do. he was shocked over that as well! Thinks it's disrespectful to my own mother. I told him my mother is not afraid of another taking her position - she knows the way I love her :-)
Here are a few slang terms I've come to know...

Dear - expensive
Jumper - sweatshirt or sweater
Vest - undershirt
Waistcoat - vest
Pants - underwear (this one always gets me! Learning to use the word trousers more frequently)
Diary - planner or schedule
Call - to visit
Ring - to phone
Sweet - candy
Gaff - house or apartment
Your man/woman - When speaking of a certain man/woman
Bird - girl
Bollocks - crap (like, 'that's crap!')
Defo - Definitely
Craic (pronounced 'crack') - Good times

So that's just a few of them. It's been fun learning about the culture. I'm doing my best to assimilate while still holding on to what makes me, me.

Justin's friend Daniel, from Germany, has invited us over to his gaff (see, I can be Irish!) for Christmas drinks tonight. Should be fun. Hopefully we meet a few nice people. I've been scouring the internet for Christmas activities to take advantage of in Dublin and have found a few fun ideas. I'll do my best to keep you all posted.

That's all for now, friends.