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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A job on the horizen?

Belfast yesterday was great fun. It was about a 2 and a half hour drive to The North. Neasa and I walked around the city a bit first and had a nice lunch in a cute little cafe. It was nice to hear a bit of the history behind the city as well (Neasa knows loads about it!) About 10-15 years ago not many wanted to venture there because of the political turmoil. The county, and those surrounding it, were not very well off at all. But you wouldn't know it, being there yesterday! Lots of people were out and about, there are plenty of shops and gorgeous buildings, save the Europa Hotel, which was apparently bombed several times because of it's high status, now it looks like a modern 20 story building. Quite sad.
After a quick view of the city we ventured off to find Ikea, which was no easy feat! Belfast has horrible signage, and that, coupled with two women who have no clue where they're going, is not a good combination! We got turned around a couple of times, but did manage to find our holy grail :-) I tell you what... Ikea is quite an experience!! You walk in the entrance to go upstairs to the showrooms, grab a pencil and order sheet provided, and peruse about at your leisure. When you see something you'd like to buy, write down the number. When you're finished shopping in the showrooms, just head downstairs to the warehouse to find, already packaged and ready to go, what you'd written on your pad. Easy!
Like I said before, I'd been online to see what was available, so I had an idea of what I was looking for. I came home with a great sofa cover (to cover the hideous one that came with our flat) a wonderful black desk, wine glasses, an end table, and a few nice storage containers. Success!
When I returned home Justin and I immediately started to assemble everything - it's like Christmas! That's when I realized that I had grabbed the wrong end table box :-( boo! Since we won't likely be going back to Belfast anytime soon, we'll just have to sell it online. Oh well!
Lately I've been hounding the Irish job database websites and have found a few I'm really interested in. One is a position with RTE as a Public Relations Assistant for the Performance Groups, the other is a Marketing Assistant position at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. I've applied to both and am waiting on calls! Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Love and miss you all very much...

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Mamamary said...

Hi Megs! So glad you had a great time in Belfast. I am so anxious to see the flat now that you have it looking cute! Hurry and post pictures!
Good luck with the job prospects- they both sound great. Love and miss you, too!!