This blog is no longer being updated. Our adventures continue back in the US, here.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Taking a pit stop in an internet cafe at the moment because I've been roaming the city looking for an office I'm convinced does not exist. I'm trying to get more information on a holiday visa, which I originally thought was a 3 month work visa. Apperently you can obtain one for up to 2 years. We'll see.

Today is my first solo day in the city! Justin went into the college this morning and I got up and attepted to go for a run. My run was cut short because it was raining and I couldn't find the park I was looking for. . . I know, what a surprise!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Safe and sound

Justin and I arrived in Dublin Monday morning at 8:00 am to a bright, brisk day - perfect for jumping into the search for our new home and begining the endless string of errand running. We didn't even bother with the bus into the city because we had so much luggage; went straight for a van taxi instead. We arrived at our hotel in the City Center and didn't expect to check in until that afternoon but were fortunate to put our things into a room that had just been cleaned, ours for the next four days, while we search for a place to live!

After calling a few property owners about veiwings we were our way to finding home. First up: A flat on Blackhorse Avenue. We got a taxi to the area, as it was a little outside the city, and asked the driver what his opinion of the area was... to which he replied "Ahh... it's a bit dodgy in spots, to be honest..." Great. We coninued on regardless and set out to see the veiwing through. Turns out the taxi driver was right on with his opinion. The place was dirty and gross and most definitely in a rough neighborhood, although the apartment did boast it's own "private lane" which to me looking more like a scary back ally! Needless to say, that landlord got a big fat "no" from us!

Not feeling too defeated, we trudged on to our next meeting is Ballsbridge (D4), which is quite well know for being a very safe, nice part of town - we were very optimistic! We found the place to be within a gorgeous Georgian building with a bright blue door. We walked into the building and were still impressed with the very nice entryway. As we opened the door to apartment number 9 we held our breath, hoping for the best... and it was love at first sight. Although it's very small, it's exactly what we had in mind. It's bright, quiet and clean and has loads of potential. After asking a few questions we made our decision to take it, right then and there.

That said, yesterday and today we've been setting up house. It's 9:00 now and I'm really tired from a long day's work! Justin and I are relaxing at his friend, Kieran's house. Well, actually they are playing a football video game and I'm using the internet :-)

I have a feeling that this is going to be a fantastic couple of years!