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Thursday, August 5, 2010


So, Hubs left for a fellowship in Paris two weeks ago tomorrow. Wouldn't you know that the very night he left me to be a single mother was the night the Lion got his first fever. Let me tell you: It was HELL. I knew my baby would eventually get sick, and I further knew that it would probably be awful. I did not know how completely helpless I would feel and how utterly sad and worried I would be. I have never heard him cry like that. His skin was so hot to the touch I thought he might catch fire. I called my mom crying in the middle of the night (still evening in Michigan) and she assured me we would both get through it advising me to do the things I already knew, but needed to hear again. Cold washcloth, bare skin, tylenol and motrin (here, calpol and nurofen), lots of fluids and a tepid bath if the fever does not relent. The Fever went on for 2 and a half days and on the second day (Sunday) I called my friend, Liz, who has a one year old. Surely she would have good advice! Her advice was the same as mom's but she could do what mother dear could not, come over to assist, nurofen in hand. We gave L the tepid bath, she phoned the after hours clinic and booked Liam an appointment, taking us to St. James a couple of hours later. God bless her.
So, we felt fever aftershocks for a good 5-7 days after the fact, fussy and lots of night waking, but things seem to be back to some semblance of normal. I think I passed initiation!


Liz said...

I'm SO glad his routine seems to be back to normal now! It's so sad to see such an adorable guy feeling so badly :(

It wasn't a problem at all. I know you would do the same for me.

Editor, Ramblings of a Singleton said...

Hello Megan,

I am the editor of a new blog called "Ramblings of a Singleton". Contrary to its name, it isn't exclusively about being single (I just happen to be single, hence the name). In fact, I'm hoping to grow it so that it becomes a forum for all people (single, in relationships, married, widowed, etc) to share their experiences of dating. In doing some research for creating it, I browsed numerous other blogs and came across your's. From what I can see, your relationship caused you to make a huge (and mostly positive) change in your life, but I notice from your posts that the transition wasn't always easy, particularly being away from family. I wonder if you would be interested in writing a 'guest post' for my blog? You seem like a really strong, intelligent woman! Congrats on your beautiful baby, also. Feel free to have a look around my blog If you know of any one else you might be interested in contributing, please mention the blog to them too. Thanking you in advance. L xxx

MTS said...

I still can't thank you enough Liz... I will will never forget the way you helped!

L, Thank you for the kind words. We've lived in Dublin for two years in September and it still feels like yesterday that we moved here. I've never been asked to do a guest blog before, I feel so honored! I would be happy to contribute. I'll send you a message with my email address and we can hash out the details. I really like your blog and the ideas behind it, nice work!
M xx