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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Runaround

It seems since the beginning of the week I've been getting the runaround from all Irish personnel I ask for help or information about working here as an American. I've been to The Department of Justice, where the man at reception told me that I should go to the Foreign Registration Office (on the other side of town) Went there and realized that Justin and I are planning on registering with the Guard sometime before the 22nd. (completely different thing altogether). Then I tried to go to the US Embassy, only to find out they are only open on Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri from 8:30-11:30am. (Going back tomorrow morn.) Today I went to The Dept of Enterprise, Trade and Employment where they informed me that there was no one in the building that I could speak to, only a number I could call or a website I could refer to. REALLY? I didn't think of checking your bloody website. Come on people, how stupid to I look?? Also keep in mind that these offices are spread out all over the city!
Tomorrow morning Justin will go with me to The US Embassy, and probably from there back to the Office of Foreign Affairs. Check out this website to read about the new agreement that was signed by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Michael Martin: Visa deal with US Government. It seems like our only hope at this point!! The only other option would be for me to enroll in a course so that I would be able to work 20 hours or less per week.... and that option would be more to give me something to do than make money. Keep your fingers crossed for us!
Saturday we are off to the French Riviera for our honeymoon!! We are so excited to relax a little and take a break from this huge whirlwind that we have been swirling in since before the wedding!


Laura said...

Oh how frustrating!!! Why won't they just let a girl work!? Would you ever consider doing an "under the table" job? I know a lot of people do things like waitress or bartend while traveling (I know, YUCK!) but it might be better than nothing?? Good Luck, though! Have fun on the honeymoon, too!! YAY! FINALLY! REALAXAAAATIOOOOOON!

Meg & Justin said...

I JUST noticed your comments on my blog!! Haha - I didn't think anyone was reading them! Guess I'll have to do a better job updating the darn thing. Promise to write a good one in the next few days :-) Love you much, my dear!