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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm Running out of Dishes

Since I have been pregnant I have become more clumsy. And if you know me, you may be thinking, "how is that possible?" My parent's lovingly nicknamed me "Grace" when I was a child, and it wasn't because I was the top performer in my baton twirling class (yes, I took a baton twirling class). Let me tell you what I have broken so far:

1: A casserole dish full of sweet potato casserole (thankfully this happened the day after our Thanksgiving dinner). But I won't lie, I did cry when the glass and sweet potatoes were lying on bits on the kitchen floor - I was really looking forward to leftovers.

2: A dinner plate. Aren't those things supposed to be durable? This happened while I was taking said plate out of the cupboard. I swear it jumped out of my hands!

3: A bottle of extra virgin olive oil. This happened while I was reaching for something else in the cupboard. The olive oil got in the way and landed on the floor in a very glassy and oily mess.

4: A drinking glass. This isn't as unusual, but it should still be counted!

Here's hoping I will return to my normal state of clumsiness after the birth!


Anonymous said...

And who cleaned up after every accident?

Aisling said...

I am super clumsy with delfware and glasses. I recommend Ikea glasses. I've dropped ours lots of times and have yet to break one which is almost miraculous!

OR refuse to do anything further in the kitchen for as long as possible.

Beth said...

We aren't allowed good crystal or china because we're too clumsy. I even buy the Tesco plastic olive oil bottles now!

MTS said...

Aisling, I will have to look into those Ikea glasses! And I really like your idea about refusing to do anything further in the kitchen for a while!

Beth. it's definitely a good thing we don't have our nice dinnerware here! Definitely need to find the plastic oil bottles...

MTS said...

Oh, and thank you, "Mr. Anon," for cleaning up my messes ;-)