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Thursday, February 26, 2009

High maintenance doesn't begin to cover it

I have to do a little product rave because I was just on Anne Taintor's website looking for gift ideas and remembered how much I LOVE her stuff. It never fails to make me smile and all of the products make excellent gifts! They offer magnets, pill boxes, note pads, luggage tags, etc - each with a different funny blip and vintage picture. Here are a couple of my faves:

Dublin girls: you can get her stuff at Avoca! In the states I've found Ann Taintor trinkets at bookstores and boutiques :-)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grumpy Girl

I'm sorry. I can't contain it anymore. I. Hate. My. Job. I know I should be thankful to have one in this godforsaken economy, but can't I be thankful and not happy at the same time? Why do I dislike it, you ask? Because it is painfully boring, mostly. I basically put myself to sleep writing the marketing pieces. The other thing is that my job is very lonely. I am the one and only marketing person, so I have no one to bounce ideas off of, and I work with all men on top of that. In fact, most of the people in the software industry are men - I have nothing against men, but a little yin and yang would be nice. 
I was extra grumpy this morning and wasn't very nice to hubs. I feel like I'm starting to get envious that he is so passionate about what he's doing, while I'm miserable at work. I don't want to start resenting him for loving what he does, because I think it's fantastic that he's pursuing his dream. 
I'm not sure if I should start looking for another job, or just roll with the punches at my current workplace. It is good money. But money is not everything is it? Actually, yes, right now I need to make as much as I'm making now, so money does matter quite a bit. So my options are: 1. Stay in the job which is a great resume builder but is making me a b*tch. 2. Start a new job hunt where I would only accept a position with an equal or greater salary.
Hmm... I guess it can't hurt to keep my eyes peeled for jobs. I think I will. At least I'll feel like I'm being proactive.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A First

I was at Tesco last night at the busiest time (right after work) which I normally avoid at all costs; but be were out of food so it had to be done. So, I finish getting the goods and wait in the painfully long check out line. I say to the cashier "I have a bag at the bottom of my basket somewhere..." and proceed to dig it out. After I get it he says "I can do the bagging," at which point my mouth drops in shock. Number one - it's really busy in there so normally they just want as little contact with the customer as possible and number two - even if it's not busy, it's very unusual that they'll bag your items. So at first I declined and said "Oh no, that's okay, I can do it." and he persisted! So, long story short. The cashier bagged my stuff at Tesco yesterday. It was a good day. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've seen London I've seen France...

Hubs and I returned to Dublin from the big city across the Irish Sea Yesterday afternoon.  We saw most of what I wanted to see (Hubs has been already on several occasions).  Friday night we went to see Les Miserables at Queen's Theatre in London's West End, which was absolutely brilliant. The venue is quite intimate and the acoustics were fantastic! I've still got the music running through my head.   
On Saturday we woke up early to take advantage of all the daylight hours to see the city.  We started out the day by going to breakfast with the man Justin works for at Oxford. Please ask me about this encounter because it is too controversial to write on a public blog! We carried on after that and went to Trafalgar Square first which, as you can see was bustling with people!
The National Gallery is right there so we popped in there to see the art, which was fantastic. I especially enjoyed the Monet pieces they have.  We went on from there to see Big Ben and then Westminster Abby - which was by far my favorite part of the trip. We opted to do the audio tour, which goes into detail about all of the nooks and crannies. They do not allow you to take photos of the inside - but here's one of the outside:
I'm not going to drag you through the rest of our trip.  Just know that we had an amazing time and can't wait to go back! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Six Nations Rugby FAQ for Women

Hello and welcome to the Six Nations Rugby FAQ for girlfriends and wives.

Please note that this FAQ is not intended for women who actually play and understand rugby. Such admirable and formidable women are capable of talking tactics and the like, and are also welcome to call over and help herself do the washing up at half time. There are also clothes to be ironed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

My man said the match doesn't kick off until 2:30. Why is he leaving for the pub now when it's only 12 midday?

He has to get a seat for the "build up", which starts roughly two hours before kick off. The build up involves former players embarrassing themselves with a series of hilarious gaffes, wooden comment and bland observations. He finds this interesting. Also if he leaves early he'll get a good meal into his belly. And finally there won't be any legs in the way of the hoover - a nice bonus there for you.

My husband is watching the game at home. He said the match wouldn't kick off until 2:30. It's now 1pm and he's watching a chat show of some sort?

Again, you are experiencing the build-up first hand. This is the "pre-match discussion", which is rather like a rugby tupperware party. If you look closely you will see former players you may actually recognise because they were once good looking men, but now require a piece of the table to be cut away at dinner time to accommodate them.

Also, he seems to be watching rugby from last year!

This is an essential part of the build-up. Imagine it as rugby's answer to "Previously on Desperate Housewives..." You've seen it all before, but it bears repeated viewing.

My boyfriend is at the game and I am trying to get in contact with him. I've called a number of times and am worried about him. I'm getting read receipts but he won't return my texts! I'm worried about him! I've called his friends who are with him and they are not answering either!

The mobile phone coverage at games is poor due to the mobile masts being overloaded. This is complicated - like electricity and cars and things - and will only confuse you. I'm sure he is trying to call you back but there is no coverage. Don't panic, I'm sure he or the emergency services will call immediately once the game concludes.

My husband has returned from the game and now wants to watch the tape of the game he has just been at! Why could he possibly want to do this?

Have you ever watched your wedding video? But you were there. Why are you watching it again?

How long is the rugby going on for? My boyfriend seems to be watching another game now!

The rugby will be on all day, with one match after another. The media corporations now dictate the schedule and there is nothing the lowly rugby fan can do about this. Most have petitioned to change this, but to no avail. It's a hot topic in rugby right now and we're hopeful the situation will be resolved soon. There might be highlights on later as well. Plus the sports news reports.

My husband is going to a game abroad and I was thinking that I might go too and we might go to the local Ikea (I looked it up and it's just around the corner) the morning of the game to get a few things?

That's a great idea, but unfortunately Ikea always closes the weekend of a rugby international, no matter what the country. It's because eccentric Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad despises rugby for some reason - this is another issue all rugby fans are keen to see resolved.

Who are the team wearing blue?

That is either
Italy or France. You are noticing them because they are tanned and continental, unlike their pasty-legged opponents who are the team your partner is supporting. Do not undermine his confidence by praising the opposition in any way. The person you are looking at most is probably Frederic Michalak (who is so disappointingly short, trust me).

Why did that happen / why did he do that / what is the referee saying / how are they able to do that / what score is it now / who is he / did my mother call earlier / when do you want to book that holiday?


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lonley? Not really!

With hubs gone this week I was anticipating being bored and lonely.  So far, this has not been the case! Don't get me wrong, I miss him dearly - but I have filled my week with lots of socializing and 'me time.' Last night I had a great workout at the gym, came home and watched Circle of Friends, which has been on my list for quite a while. After work today I went into town in search of a pashmina which I found at Marks & Spencer - Love it! then went to Kieran's for a "we miss Justin" party. Hehe. It was very enjoyable! Lots of conversation about training, football and scoring birds. Not to mention the argument over who was the coach in the movie The Mighty Ducks. I could have sworn it was Michael J. Fox, but I was sadly mistaken... it is in fact Emilio Estevez who plays the part. Huh. Who knew! They do look alike, do they not??
Michael J. Fox
Emilio Estevez
Tomorrow I plan on going to the gym after work again and possibly watching another film of my own choosing (hubs and I compromise a lot - let's just say I do not get to watch chick flicks very often!) Thursday I'm looking forward to grabbing a bite to eat (and maybe a pint?) with Kara after work! And then we're already to Friday when I fly out to London to meet my love!  This week is shaping up to be pretty darn good :-)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Want it. Need it.

Over the weekend I found myself trapped in one of the biggest time suckers ever. Online shopping. I discovered a great site called Smart Bargains with an amazing selection of designer handbags. The Cole Haan below is begging me to adopt it. Wouldn't it be a perfect spring/summer bag? Still trying to justify the purchase.... should I or shouldn't I?!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Pat on the Back

Wow - I'm on a roll... two posts in one day!

I am going to go ahead and give myself a pat on the back because I am having a GREAT day at work.

The stars have aligned and I have used my sweet networking skills to set up a fricken awesome meeting for the CEO next week when he's in Boston. 

YAY me!


I know, I know. I've been missing in action for two months! This whole blogging thing is strange to me and I am finding it difficult to get used to.  I find it hard to believe that anyone would find my daily ramblings amusing or interesting! I guess I'm just self -consious about my writing. I'll try to get over that and start posting on a more regular basis.

Last weekend was one of the best I've had since moving to Dublin.  I finally branched out and made an effort to find friends.  I'd been lurking on a website called The Nest for a week or so, mostly on the "International Newlywed" board and finally came out and introduced myself and inquired if there were any other "Dublin Nesties" out there. Sure enough, there are about 5 of them! We made plans to meet up that weekend for a girlie movie and lunch.  Justin was afriad that it was a ploy for abduction by some 50 year old creeper, but I was felt like these girls could be trusted.  I was right - the girls are absoutely great. Funny, kind and welcoming. We saw Revolutionary Road, which was definitely a downer (and in my humble opinion, a bit over-rated), but no matter - I was with my new friends! We proceeded on to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and enjoyed yummy food and margarits.  I think this outing will definitely become regular.

Justin leaves for London this weekend to do some research at the archives there. So I'll be on my own next week! Sunday I will finally be going to mass at the church I've been wanting to try, St. Mary's.  One of the nesties goes there so I'll be meeting her and another for the 9:30 service, and possibly an Irish fry afterward :-) I think it's a great time to start as we're coming into Lent soon... speaking of which... what should I give up this year? I was thinking maybe chocolate - because let's be honest - that would be the biggest sacrifice for me. It's one thing I consume on a daily basis that I don't need.  We'll see. 

The sun is finally shining in Dublin today. There is a light dusting of snow on the ground and the sidewalks are a bit icy in spots. I almost slipped coming down the stairs from my flat on my way in to work.  Thank God I didn't - what a way to start the day!