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Thursday, May 27, 2010

On Lying about my Age

Here in Ireland most people wait to get married until their mid-thirties and then wait even longer to have kids. I think that trend is growing the States but it's still average (at least where I'm from) for a person to tie the knot in their mid-twenties and start a family shortly thereafter.

When people here find out my age and also that I'm married with a baby, they almost always comment "Oh! You are so young!" Yes, I suppose I am (26. Hubs will be 30 this year). I don't feel like I need to justify my life choices to these people, but I will say that it's getting a bit old and I am seriously considering lying about my age... to make myself older; just to avoid those almost pitying faces and "young" comments.

Monday, May 24, 2010

One Month!

I cannot believe one month has gone by already. Everyone says time will fly after you have a baby, but I had no idea I would blink and he would be one month old! The past month has been the most amazing, challenging, rewarding time in my life. I know that sounds cliche but truer words have never been spoken! We are totally, head over heals in love with little Liam. Here's what he's doing at one month on...
  • He's so alert and loves to be awake for all the action. In order for him to take a nap he needs to be removed from all stimuli.
  • He's lifting his head for about 5-10 seconds at a time during tummy time and can hold his head upright and steady when he's on my shoulder.
  • He was last weighed 5 days ago and was 9 lbs 15 oz. I'm fairly certain he's over 10 lbs now!
  • On a good night he goes to bed around 9 pm and is up at 1 and 5. But we've has several nights where he's awake every two hours!
  • He can focus on objects and faces - loves to look at his black and white rattle.
  • He smiles! Both mama and daddy have witnessed it. His little dimple makes me melt!
Here are a few favorite photos from the past couple of weeks...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Getting a Wife!

In this post you'll remember the tragic event that shook one of my best friend's world. After hubs and I racked our brains to figure out something we could do to ease the pain of her loss, even just a little, we decided to invite her to stay with us for up to 90 days* this summer to clear her head. Well, she's coming! And her timing will be perfect because just days after her arrival hubs is going to Paris for a 3 month fellowship. I was really worried about being a "single mom," but not anymore! Steph is super excited to help out with Liam and I am so excited to have her here for company, laughs and good old fashioned girl time. All of this has me thinking about the good times my old college roomie and I have shared... (too bad I couldn't dig up any photos from our college days! The following photos will have to do.)

My first trip down to Austin. We went hiking in sundresses. That's how we roll.

Steph's wedding - August 2008

Steph on a visit to MI while hubs and I were home for my sister's wedding in June 09

Can't wait to have you here, my dear friend!

*90 days is the max amount of time an American can stay legally in Ireland

Monday, May 17, 2010

Updates and Favorite Photos

Since I don't have a ton of time to give a proper update I'll just jot down a list of the major stuff... here goes:
  • I was induced on April 22 (evening) and delivered Liam about 7 hours later - no complications, only 15 minutes of pushing, and best of all no tearing or episiotomy. Recovery has been great!
  • Mom and dad (aka Grammy and GrandPaddy) came to visit the day after we were home from the hospital. My mom's help and advice was invaluable!
  • Liam has already gained over a pound from his birth weight! He is breastfeeding like a champ.
  • Liam already has a little friend, Henry! They met last weekend and napped together, then woke up at the exact same time to eat. They are totally in sync!
  • Hubs is the most amazing father... seeing him as a daddy in action makes me love him even more - I didn't think it was possible!
And the pictures like promised!


Remember this post? Well... my dream came true. Pictured below is our first family walk through Herbert Park... under the cherry blossoms like I had imagined.