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Thursday, May 27, 2010

On Lying about my Age

Here in Ireland most people wait to get married until their mid-thirties and then wait even longer to have kids. I think that trend is growing the States but it's still average (at least where I'm from) for a person to tie the knot in their mid-twenties and start a family shortly thereafter.

When people here find out my age and also that I'm married with a baby, they almost always comment "Oh! You are so young!" Yes, I suppose I am (26. Hubs will be 30 this year). I don't feel like I need to justify my life choices to these people, but I will say that it's getting a bit old and I am seriously considering lying about my age... to make myself older; just to avoid those almost pitying faces and "young" comments.


Vegemite Wife said...

Times have totally changed... My mum was considered ancient when she popped her first one out in the 1970's as a 30 year old!
Mid twenties is perfectly reasonable!

Liz said...

Take it in stride, darling. ;) People used to say this to me (Maybe since I'm bordering on 30 they don't act so shocked anymore?) and I just took it at a compliment. Yes, I am young. And you are not. Ha!

KD said...

Funny, I get comments about being old for having my first at 33 (nearly 34)! Ignore, ignore, ignore (as hard as it can be) and do your thing, mama.