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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Getting a Wife!

In this post you'll remember the tragic event that shook one of my best friend's world. After hubs and I racked our brains to figure out something we could do to ease the pain of her loss, even just a little, we decided to invite her to stay with us for up to 90 days* this summer to clear her head. Well, she's coming! And her timing will be perfect because just days after her arrival hubs is going to Paris for a 3 month fellowship. I was really worried about being a "single mom," but not anymore! Steph is super excited to help out with Liam and I am so excited to have her here for company, laughs and good old fashioned girl time. All of this has me thinking about the good times my old college roomie and I have shared... (too bad I couldn't dig up any photos from our college days! The following photos will have to do.)

My first trip down to Austin. We went hiking in sundresses. That's how we roll.

Steph's wedding - August 2008

Steph on a visit to MI while hubs and I were home for my sister's wedding in June 09

Can't wait to have you here, my dear friend!

*90 days is the max amount of time an American can stay legally in Ireland


Vegemite Wife said...

That's great for both of you! Enjoy the time together!

Stephanie said...

Awww, so excited!! I love that I got another spot on the blog! I can hardly wait to be there!

Liz said...

You two are going to have so much fun! I look forward to meeting you, Stephanie!