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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Smarty Pants

I'm so proud of my darling Hubs.

Last night he gave a talk for the Military History Society and knocked my socks off.

I think he looked so cute in his academic ensemble

Risteard Mulcahy, son of General Richard Mulcahy, Commander in Chief of the Irish Free State Army was even there.
I'm digging the bow tie, Risteard

Apart from him the audience comprised of about 50 older gentlemen in tweed jackets (some of them even donned a complete tweed suit - impressive!) And of course, I was there for moral support.

And today, he went into Dundrum to give a talk for a local radio station. The half hour program will air this Wednesday on 93.9 South Dublin Radio at 3pm GMT.

Gooooo, Hubs!

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