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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My dad, the hero

I know - another post about my dad so soon after Father's Day! But the following event is just too amazing not to share... in my dad's words....

"Last week a friend and co-worker came in to work and had a heart attack at the time clock. It was a team effort, but I placed the pad of the AED on him. He was in fibrillation. I shocked him once, then did 4 cycles of CPR. Thank God he came back to us. Stressful, but thankful of how it turned out. They e-vacted him to GR, inserted a stint and is doing well now (except for the crack ribs) Just did what I was trained to do."

I'm so proud of him! Not many people would be able to be so calm under pressure.... Also, hats off to the other guys responsible for helping to resuscitate the heart-attack victim.

Here's another picture of the man of the hour. This photo was taken at the Grand Rapids Airport when my dad returned back from his time in Iraq.

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