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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Date Night

It had been a while since the Hubs and I had a designated date night at a nice restaurant so we decided we would start dressing up and going out the last weekend of every month (haha, that's when payday is). Last night was the start of our new tradition; we decided on Hugo's on Marion Row. We've passed by this quaint restaurant with the light turquoise front multiple times, and have been meaning to go for a while. Oh - I should also tell you what I wore, because I had it planned out for the whole week!

Royal blue Banana Republic shift dress
Black tights
Cream heels (tall mary janes) from Topshop
Long string of pearls

Nice, no?

So, back to Hugo's. We stepped inside and were very impressed by the "old world" atmosphere. In fact, it was so old world that it was literally boiling in there! No air conditioning (per usual in Dublin). We didn't complain much about that, though, and enjoyed the chilled white wine, which cooled us down a bit. We both had the calamari to start (which we agreed was the best part of this visit) and then hubs had the steak and I had the duck for our mains. We weren't blown away, but it was pretty tasty all in all. We didn't linger in the restaurant too long because of the heat, so we got the check and went for a stroll through Stephen's Green and down Grafton St.

At this point, we were so satisfied... we were full of yummy food, enjoying the wonderful weather and each other's company. And then... as we were coming up Dawson St. past Hodgis Figgus (a great bookstore) Justin got stopped by an older Irish gent who started talking about one of the books in the window. After about 15 minutes, I walked over to gather my husband and move on, but this guy would NOT stop talking! We tried to leave, by saying politely "we better be going..." etc. but he would keep us there by saying "oh, just one more thing." He mentioned how he loves Americans, probably because they are too polite to say "SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE, MAN!" Like an Irish person would no doubt do. So, after listening to this man's monologue for about 50 minutes total we were finally able to escape. What a pleasant end to our date night!

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