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Friday, April 3, 2009

Celebrating Spring

The past couple of days spring has most definitely sprung here in Dublin. Flowers are in full bloom, the buds on trees are turning into baby leaves, the birds are happily chirping and the sun doesn't set until 8 pm.  So today, when I could get no one to join me for lunch in Stephen's Green, I celebrated on my own. By buying a very sweet pair of black peep toed heels from Office. I needed new black shoes for work as my current shoes are in a horrid state. The streets of this city eat my shoes! So, see below for the most recent addition to my shoe collection. Are they not lovely?


Liz said...

Those shoes are gorgeous!

MTS said...

Thanks! Now all I need is a pedicure :-)

Aisling said...

Very pretty. I love Office shoes.