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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Don't drink and blog

Oops. Too late. I'm breaking my rule. I am waiting for Justin to come home from football/ the gym after a day of errands and (of course) a wander down Grafton St. I sometimes forget to eat when I am out and about so the lovely Pinot Grigio I am sipping is going straight to my head! Originally, I was planning on cleaning the house after I went to the gym this morning but the sun was out. And when the sun is out in Ireland you do not stay inside and clean. That's my personal mantra anyway. 

I was almost home when I heard a little old woman yell down to me from her building steps, "excuse me, miss, can you help me?" I love little old ladies, so was quick to oblige - when I went up the stairs to meet her I found out that she needed someone to zip up the back of her top, as she was going out to a fancy dinner. I went inside and found out her name is Mary and she's 75. She was bright, bubbly and very smiley. I instantly liked her.  She has lived all over the world... Manhattan, San Diego, Vienna, London; and is from the West of Ireland. I left telling her that she looked beautiful and to give a shout if she ever needs me to zip her top again. I really hope we meet again soon. I think we could be good friends.

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Stephanie said...

That is so cute that you got to befriend an older neighbor and in such a funny way. Imagine that happening here! People just aren't that open here I don't think.