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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Live for the Weekend

And now for the update you've all been waiting for...

Hubs and I had an exceptional long Easter weekend.  For me, the weekend started on Thursday night when CM and I went to see a movie. We meant to go see Two Lovers...

But I totally screwed up and got the times wrong. Silly me. There weren't many other choices so we ended up seeing The Boat that Rocked.

Which CM had already seen. I felt like such a dummy. Anyway - it was a pretty good movie. Funny and different from anything I've seen recently. All you stateside friends will have to wait until August to judge for yourself :-) (Finally, a movie I can see BEFORE you!)

Friday was another great day. Woke up to do some cleaning (boring I know, but seeing as I'm domestically disabled, I like to point these things out). Went for an awesome lunch with KD and new friend LT at Roly's cafe which turned out to be both inexpensive and delicious (a rarity in these parts)! We decided we were not done enjoying each others company so we wandered into town (but not without some photos along the way...)

Pretty cherry tree on Baggot St.

KD, LT & myself

We had a wonderful afternoon wandering around the shops on and around Grafton St.  We even got free makeovers from the Bare Minerals people at BT2! KD, being the social butterfly that she is, had to run off to another engagement, but LT and I started the quest to find alcohol on Good Friday (the whole city is dry on this day) we are fully aware of the sinners that we are! We were unsuccessful in our mission, so we went back to LT's apartment where there was beer and wine aplenty. I meant to stay for a short while... but was having too much fun with the Googlers.

Eventually I made it home (via taxi) and hoped that my head wouldn't hurt too badly for Hub's football game the next day!

Thankfully I woke up with only a mild headache and sour stomach the next day, and since it was self inflicted, I didn't complain. Time for the big game! I made the trip to Santry (all the way in BFE) with KH's brother (also KH). Thankfully it was perfect weather for a good ol' American football game (I'm sort of a fair-weather fan). The Trinity boys lost the game but will play UCD again two more times in the next couple of weeks.  I think they can pull it off!

Easter Sunday we were invited to join
KD & TB for a lovely Easter dinner (along with TB's mom and sister). KD was the perfect hostess, serving up delicious lamb and salmon. YUM! I made sure to inform everyone that the lamb we were eating was a male. Apparently
farmers only need one ram per 50 sheep, so the little boy lambs are the poor cute things taken to slaughter. So cute, but so delicious.
We sent the boys out to Kiely's to get ice, but I guess they had to make it fresh... it took them about an hour to get home. 

TB & Hubs (out for ice)

Thank you for a wonderful time! It's people like you that make being away from family on holidays much more bearable.

Most of Monday (had work off this day as well) was spent cleaning and relaxing, not to mention dreading the workweek, albeit a short one, ahead. 

And now it's almost the weekend again - hooray!! 

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KD said...

We had such a great time with you last weekend! x