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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grumpy Girl

I'm sorry. I can't contain it anymore. I. Hate. My. Job. I know I should be thankful to have one in this godforsaken economy, but can't I be thankful and not happy at the same time? Why do I dislike it, you ask? Because it is painfully boring, mostly. I basically put myself to sleep writing the marketing pieces. The other thing is that my job is very lonely. I am the one and only marketing person, so I have no one to bounce ideas off of, and I work with all men on top of that. In fact, most of the people in the software industry are men - I have nothing against men, but a little yin and yang would be nice. 
I was extra grumpy this morning and wasn't very nice to hubs. I feel like I'm starting to get envious that he is so passionate about what he's doing, while I'm miserable at work. I don't want to start resenting him for loving what he does, because I think it's fantastic that he's pursuing his dream. 
I'm not sure if I should start looking for another job, or just roll with the punches at my current workplace. It is good money. But money is not everything is it? Actually, yes, right now I need to make as much as I'm making now, so money does matter quite a bit. So my options are: 1. Stay in the job which is a great resume builder but is making me a b*tch. 2. Start a new job hunt where I would only accept a position with an equal or greater salary.
Hmm... I guess it can't hurt to keep my eyes peeled for jobs. I think I will. At least I'll feel like I'm being proactive.


Jessica said...

I think you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for something new. Not worth going to work every day to be miserable!

btw, didn't know you had a blog, found it through Aisling, do you mind if I add you to my blogroll? I think I have all the IN's but yours :)

MTS said...

Thanks Jessica, I think I will.

By all means, add away!