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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lovely Dublin Weekend

Another lovely Dublin weekend out and about for hubs and I! We didn't do much but weekend flew by anyway. Saturday night we participated in a pub-quiz at the Waterloo to benefit a friend of Hubs going to India with Habitat for Humanity. With the help of Simon and Liz (and not much help from yours truly) we won first place! We proudly took home the bottle of [cheap] Brut champagne... yum!

Saturday was pretty low key. We strolled through the city stopping in a few shops, and even ran into good friends Larry and Beth! Ha! Small city :-) We took a pit stop for a bite to eat at one of Dubliner's top rated spots Lolly and Cooks. The sandwich was just okay, but the lemon cupcake after (I know - totally not on the diet plan!) was divine!!

Pausing to admire the pretty door/bird/plant

While walking back home I was drawn to the local flower man and these glorious sunflowers! Just €10... They are now sitting on the kitchen table. Lovely :-)

Sunday we decided to take a walk (turned out to be a very looong walk) to scope out prospective apartments. Our lease is up soon and we've been lurking on so we were curious to see where our favorites were actually located. One of the places we liked was very near the Irish Sea, so we took a stroll down Sandymount Strand.

Sitting on the rocks by the Sea... Ahhhh...

By the time we got home it started to rain and we were famished, so we didn't feel one bit bad staying in the rest of the evening and watching a few episodes of the last season of the Sopranos courtesy of Larry and Beth!

Now that's how to have a very pleasant weekend and not spend more than €20.


Aisling said...

Reading your lovely description of a weekend in Dublin makes me want to move around more in my own city :)
You look so pretty holding those flowers.

MTS said...

Thanks! H and I decided we need to take advantage of the great city we live in, so we've been trying to do something new every weekend. It's been fun!