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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Last night Hubs and I finally got around to watching Hunger, the film about Bobby Sands and the hunger strike in the 1980s in Nor'n Ireland. I have to say, I was a little afraid to watch it, because, it's one of those movies that you already know the ending and, well, it's depressing.

It was definitely depressing but incredibly well done. There is a scene in particular that I thought was amazing. It was where Bobby is talking to the priest about his decision to go on the strike. You can tell that the whole 15 minute scene was done in one take, with one camera. Really powerful stuff. I also found myself holding my breath because I could so easily imagine the stench of the prison cells... I definitely recommend the film. Go rent it. But I suggest not eating popcorn and chocolate during... you will feel bad.

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KD said...

I want to see this. Now we will based on your review!