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Monday, July 5, 2010


My Grammy recently asked me (via email - yeah she's 81 and totally hip like that, although I think she might be WebTV's only customer!) if we were getting L baptized before our big USA trip. I really don't think my baby will go to baby purgatory if heaven forbid, our plane went down in flames. Didn't the Pope do away with purgatory anyway?? (hah.) But, since we are not planning to have Liam anointed with his first sacrament until our trip home, Gram's question got me thinking. So we decided to go to mass on Saturday and have the priest give the little guy a special blessing. L was great and the priest was very kind. I feel much better now.

The next day hubs went for a walk with L in the baby bjorn. As he was walking through town, he passed one of the many gypsies selling "The Big Issue" (the government pays them a wage to do this). As hubs and L passed the gypsy gave L her special blessing - you know the one, crossing herself and pointing to her eyes, then his.

I think Liam is all set now. Don't you?

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