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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lady of Leisure

Typical Dublin day today. Cloudy and a bit misty, holding steady at 50* F... This is the sort of weather we'll have for the next 5 months or so. I actually don't mind it! I can wear my wool coat and gloves and feel perfectly comfortable walking around from place to place! Speaking of walking place to place... boy do my feet feel it! I'm guessing I walk a minimum of 3-4 miles per day, and not typically in tennis shoes. Granted, I'm not wearing heels if I know I'll be walking around, the shoes I wear aren't exactly marshmallows. I'm developing a protruding bone on the heel of my right foot that hurts quite a bit! Does anyone have any idea what this is?

I have two weeks until I start working so until then, I am living a guilt free life of leisure, and loving every minute of it! Usually I'll wake up with Justin and have breakfast with him, then just laze around and read for a while while he goes off to the archives. I've just finished Bram Stoker's Dracula, and am now reading The Historian neither of which I could/can put down! So, I'll read for a half hour or so, then write out a few thank you notes from the wedding. My latest project has been printing out wedding pictures from the DVD our photographer sent us and putting them into an album. The photographer will be making us an album as well, but we wanted to make one of our own too. I printed out three of our favorites in 8x10 sepia. They are hanging in the living room side by side and look so pretty!

Our latest exciting news is that we will be having our first visitors at our house at the end of December!! Laura and Nick have purchased their plane tickets and will be here from Dec. 29 through Jan. 7 (7th? Is that right, Laura?) We're already putting together lists of things we want to do with them so they'll go home with a love for dear dirty Dublin :-) (and the rest of Ireland too).

I hope all is well with all of my dear friends and family. Know that you are thought of often, and loved much!


Stephanie said...

Jealousy ensues. I'm coming...just a matter of when. Trust me. It's happening. I hope it's a great time!

Meg and Justin said...

Yay!! Come when you can!!

Laura said...

Yes the dates are correct! that took a long time for me to reply... we need an updated post!! COME ON!!! IT's BEEN TOO LONG!