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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

10 Months Old!

10 months old

When I posted Liam’s last update he was 5 months old. He’s now twice that and I’m not sure how it happened! He doesn't seem like a little baby anymore... which is kind of sad, but great at the same time. Watching him become a little person with likes and dislikes and sense of humor has been more fantastic than I ever dreamed. I was afraid with Liam being so active and curious he would fast forget his mama and be constantly on the move. Much to my pleasure, my sweet boy loves to give his mama cuddles and will even sit on my lap for three books straight! He definitely keeps me on my toes 90% of the time though, but I wouldn’t change it a bit.

  • Weight: at 9 months he was just over 21 lbs. I would guess he’s still in that range. (50th percentile)
  • Height: 29 inches (70th percentile)

What he’s doing:
  • Pulling himself up in his crib and on furniture
  • Starting to cruise between furniture
  • Says mama, dada, uh-oh (though it sounds more like uh-uh) & other strings of jibber-jabber
  • Understands “no” but usually disregards the command by cheekily smiling and continuing the behavior
  • Eats well! He has tried many, many foods and likes most things. I’ve discovered a dairy sensitivity which we’ll reassess when he’s 1.
  • Starting to sleep well at night – yay! He finally learned how to self soothe. He only needs about 10.5 hours at night though. I’ve tried everything to get him to sleep longer and he just won’t!
  • Takes 2 naps during the day
  • “Dances” to music
  • Has 4 teeth (top and bottom front two)
  • Absolutely goes nuts over Classical Baby. We watch it every day before his morning nap. He always waves when the "busy caterpillar" turns into a butterfly. It's so cute!
A few favorite photos from the past month:

Mommy and me at our friend Cecelia's house

Welcome, Auntie Kate!

Lunch at the Porterhouse in town

New cars from Gramma Irish!

Ready for the Ireland v France rugby match! 


Liz said...

Another month and he continues to be in the 100th percentile in adorable. I love his smile!

MTS said...

Aww, thanks, Liz!!